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製造 〈 Manufacture 〉

『食品ろ過布』を織るには時間を要し、高い技術が必要なため国内で製造する工場も限られる希少な生地です。厳選した日本製の安全な糸のみを使用し、熟練した職人の技術で食品ろ過布のみを真摯に織り続ける、創業100年以上の老舗織物工場の協力のもと『MADE IN JAPAN』のOLIMのハンカチができあがりました。 


High technology needs time to weave "food filter fabric", and is the rare birthplace where the factory produced in the necessary purpose is also limited. A handkerchief of OLIM of origin of cooperation of long-established store textile mill of the foundation for more than 100 years which keeps using only the safe thread made in Japan selected carefully and weaving only food filter fabric sincerely by craftsman's skillful technology "MADE IN JAPAN" has been finished.



OLIM makes important as well as the material is homesick for this where the " Pattern " is and drops it on the nostalgic material, and Bauhaus Art Deco Modernism and Pop... before computer introduction in 1920's-50's time are drawing the design of the pioneers who stay soon via many times in a source for a crowded design.   I also have a grudge against one line with affection and am expressed by the nostalgic color and shape.

図案 〈 Pattern 〉




Cloth of the Japan ancient times the fabric used in OLIM is the special material as "food filter fabric", and where that's used for formation of tofu "cotton". When squeezing soybean milk, the latticework which stuck to the tofu surface is used, and when having wrapped it in this cotton and having stopped water, is made remains. To be woven by special technology, it's difficult for shag to rise so that refuse of fiber isn't adherent when producing the top with the excellent water absorption and strength and an original food compared with a general handkerchief birthplace, and good of the smooth texture can also be called fabric suitable for the handkerchief which touches our skin directly by the feature.

素材 〈 Fabric 〉

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